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Important: Please, let us know if you are not completely satisfied with service for any reason

Notices---Aug. 15, The local depot has stopped taking #3 & #7 plastics in addition to #4 & #6. Please avoid purchasing goods packaged using this material, or leave the packaging at the store, when possible.

Now for the GOOD NEWS.... We are now accepting small cordless and AC appliances, tools, and lawn care things for recycle that have motors.

A plan for collecting Styrofoam is in the works and will be added to our recycle list soon!!! Keep in touch

We are always working on ways for YOU to get a rebate for recycling AND Curbside Recycling is now accepting reflective foil film (foil balloons, large foil snack bags)

If anything is left behind in your Bluebox, it has garbage and must be dumped before your next pick-up.

Paper pet food bags are no longer accepted at the recycle depot and we are investigating alternatives.

May2017---After 3 years of R&D, we have produced a new product using Mixed Paper and #4 Plastic which we are calling PaperPlasticWood. It is being tested as a wood/plastic substitute and it can also be recycled. Please contact us for more details.

Please ask about our WEEKLY:





SUPER SENIOR SERVICE (the City's new containers to the curb for you too)



Refer a friend for a 1 year subscription and receive FREE residential recycling service!


BLUEBOX PROGRAM (commercial subscribers are customized on startup)

Please take appropriate measures so your stuff doesn't blow away

The BLUEBOX is for heavier items and must be out in plain view at 8AM on your pickup day so the driver knows where to stop. The BLUEBOX holds the following separated materials and there are no limits so, if you don't have enough room, add another box or call us for a special pickup:

1. Old Newspapers/Flyers (paper with serrated edges) - in a plastic bag because if it gets wet, it has no value. (See Paper Definitions)

 2. Magazines (Glossy & Shiny) - go in the bottom loose (see Paper Definitions)

 3.-Clear Glass or Large Colored Glass Bottles loose (lids off, no pane glass)

-4. Electronics/Batteries (in a plastic bag) unless they are big like car batteries.

-5. Flattened Cardboard only (1 square metre maximum size) if you have too much for the Bluebox, bundle them/use another box/call us to request a Bulkbag.  

The BLUEBAG HAS BEEN RETIRED so, the following items are to be separated in bags knotted shut. Rinse any food/milk/detergent containers, and do not include caps/lids.

In bags (old grocery bags work great!)

1.- DVDs, CDs, and Ink Cartridges in a plastic bag

2.- Plastic bags go into a plastic bag tied shut (no bags with zippers, hard plastics or metal)

do not mix Plastic Bags with Hard Plastics

3.-Office Paper in an envelope/plastic/reusable bag (see Paper Definitions)

4.-Mixed Paper in a paper/plastic/reusable bag (see Paper Definitions)

5.-Food cans go into a plastic bag tied shut for safety. (for cardboard tins, separate the tin from the cardboard---no loose lids, trap inside can or discard). 

7.- All and any size/type of drink container (empties) go into a plastic bag and can go into your hard plastics bag (every kind of empty including Boost, milk, Juices etc.) for added weight

8.- Hard plastics--Plastics must have #1,2,3,5, or 7 in the recycle symbol on it (usually on the bottom). These now go into a large translucent/transparent garbage bag.

Watch for #4 & #6 plastics - lids, Styrofoam, and some mini yogurts because they are all garbage.

Notes: Shredded Paper goes into a separate plastic bag knotted closed.

-Clothing Donations for Centracam's Emergency Clothing & Furniture Depot (E.C.F.D.) goes into a translucent/transparent plastic bag and please call us for large donations

If you have 3 or less of a small item, wait till you have more to fill a plastic/reusable bag. Please, contact us @ 780-608-5723 if you’re unsure!!! 


Always let us know ASAP if the Bluebox goes missing. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we'd love to hear from you.

Please remember, if your recycling is not picked up on your regular day, you may have been missed. If it is still there at noon the following day, call us asap so we can make the pickup.

TK Environmental Corp. is endorsed by the City of Camrose and not part of Centracam.

The Four Different Paper Definitions and examples:

1. OLD NEWSPAPER (plastic bag)

Camrose Canadian


Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Sun

Any Flyers

Camrose Morning News

Colored flyers  

2. OFFICE PAPER (in bag/envelope)

Any empty paper envelopes



Colored copies

Constituency office newsletter


Post-it® Notes

3. MIXED PAPER (in Bluebag)

Loose leaf

Auto Trader magazine

Puzzle Books



Junk mail (not the envelope)

Craft paper

Photo paper

Gift wrap


Greeting cards

Phone books


4. GLOSSY PAPER (in Bluebox)


Readers Digest

Shiny Calendars

Shiny Catalogues 

FLATTENED CARDBOARD (in Bluebox OR other box or bag---never loose!)


dry pizza boxes (just rip off the top if the bottom is greasy)

Cereal boxes

Detergent boxes

Paper tubes

Ice cream boxes

Paper cups


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