Since we are self-financed, we rely on people like you to help bring our environmental Technologies and inventions to market. To us, a donator is a King SSS Friend so, we can offer promissory notes for Class B non-voting stock of the company when they are issued, AND you can own part of the company. We may take this corporation public soon and just before that happens, shares will be issued based on the total donations of each individual.

Thanks to YOU, and the Internet.

RoboticPlatform (RP)

The RP program is for developing products that are based on using wireless technology rather than Artificial Intelligence technology. We believe AI is flawed and designed to replace humans in the workforce. It has the potential to cut communication between people who believe in Freedom. King SSS robotic technology IS controlled by humans in real time remotely, which intern creates more jobs.


Just imagine replacing the wheels on a car and converting it to an EV! 

We have been very busy assembling a prototype that just replaces road wheels on any vehicle. Only 2 units should be enough to go 160 Km/hr. for a long ways with only a slight modification to the vehicle's fender. All Combustion and EVs will be able to use what we are calling the ElectricWheel, and each unit will cost far less than an Electric Vehicle including the rechargeable batteries. The government shows interest.


This Solar Heat Collector(SHC) pump has been in development since 2012, when we started making electricity using the ElectroCrown. After years of experimenting with various peristaltic pump designs, it was discovered that all types of elastomeric tubing failed because of the extreme temperatures of magnified Solar Heat. The MagneticPump prototype is the only design we have found that will work. The solution was discovered accidentally when studying the way electromagnetic fields behave when various metals enter them. Though this invention is necessary for the ElectroCrown to do its job, there are many applications for this pump design, especially where low power consumption is desired, and space restrictions are an issue.


This project addresses the high cost of transporting and delivering of consumer goods providing docking/charging stations for KING SSS solar powered vehicles. With the advent of giga warehouses and online purchases growing, a new system of transportation is necessary to avoid producing greater amounts of pollution also known as Greenhouse Gasses. PH is the most ambitious undertaking for King SSS in 2019, and will be implemented before the end of the year. The goal is to have people control various kinds of delivery vehicles wirelessly using our DTMF technology, and create more jobs after the fact. The project will use a similar technology as the RoboticPlatform and people will be able to work from wherever they want, and their job will always be secure regardless of new technologies.


Our Haptic Glove is currently in the design phase and proves to be lighter and less bulky than current products entering the market. It fits like a cotton inspection glove. Our goal is to use the gloves in real time to control our robotics wirelessly around the world when the sense of touch is necessary to perform a task  by an individual.