February-The pump is installed and ready to go. should have results shortly. 

March 14-The new pump works however, it is a little slow so it needs some design mods. We are waiting to receive some custom designed electronics that will increase the flow of the HTF.

March 28-We should have the new electronic components in 4 to 6 weeks and the pump should be ready to shortly after.

May 5-still waiting for electronic circuits coming from China and the USA. We are working on a design of our own which will be simple and incorporate small DC motors collected from recycling.

July 11-the new design for the pump is almost complete. We will be bench testing the unit over the next few days. We created our own unique circuit to operate the pump to keep costs as low as possible.

July 15-Our own unique analog circuit is a little sloppy and has been abandoned. It is extremely difficult to get the timing of the reed switches just right so, we are now waiting for a new prototype PC circuit from Blue Point Engineering in Colorado that is being modified for our application. It will be low cost and is expected to arrive in less than 2 weeks. The other circuit from China was costly and we abandoned it. This circuit is a very important and precise piece and crucial to the success of the application.

Sept 1-still waiting for the circuit which is more costly than originally quoted. We have decided to test the pump manually using a 4 position switch for Proof of Concept before committing to the circuit. Pump proves to be complex and costly to produce. 

Oct---Dec---Initiated new ElecricWheel Project while researching another new method of pumping the HTF for the ElectroCrown.


January-February---new pump design is being tested

March-April---testing motor for ElectricWheel begins

June---a new magnetic pump design works! It is based on the previous design with slight modification using PREMs waiting for parts to fully automate it using solar power and optic sensor.

July-August---assemble and begin primary tests for ElecricWheel. Unveil it at Solar Canada 2018 in Calgary as well as a manual PREM pump. Little interest in the pump and great interest in the ElectricWheel demonstration. EW controller shorts ending the demonstration. Stuff happens.

September---parts for PREM pump arrive and are installed. First tests shows the power needs to be increased and gears have to be changed from plastic to metal. Pump ran great for 2 hours, then the main gears failed. Sourcing the necessary motor size.

October-November---replacement controller for EW arrives. It is experimental version of the first controller and has an unknown problem. It fails to work. Original controller is ordered. 

December---new PREM pump motor arrived and is inspected. Motor shaft size increased and power is increased tenfold. Testing of new motors completed and retrofitting other parts for the pump.  Replacement original controller for EW arrives.



new solar technology