Our passion and dedication to protecting the environment from damage by man, is our Primary Goal, as it should be for the sake of humanity. Mother nature needs a lot of help right now so that we can drink her water again. Pollution must be dramatically reduced to get this done. 

King SSS was spawned from a unique recycling business in Canada that generates enough revenue for operations and is now diversifying into new streams. Like manufacturers in China, recycling feeds King SSS with most of the raw materials needed for Projects. Our idea of globalization is unique too.

We feel that anyone who wants to be part of an effort, should be rewarded with more than a regular paycheck, regardless of where they live. 

Everyone who contributes to King SSS, owns part of the company.

Today, people should be able to work from wherever they want, as long as they can get the job done. We also believe that robotics are tools...and that is all. 

Why should anybody be concerned or worried about any robot taking their job???

Our dream is to have robotics do ALL the hard, physical work, like a tool, and let INDIVIDUALS easily control and maintain robots remotely, all over the world. The power for all KING SSS PROJECTS comes from the energy of the Sun, Internet, and the minds of the imaginative!

Be a part of this AWESOME company!!!

By reusing many materials from recycling, we invented machines that are capable of producing electricity and diversifiable extreme heat, by effectively tracking, capturing and using all of our Sun's energy.

new solar technology